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Biblical Wisdom Literature

Wisdom literature of the Bible is considered those passages of wise sayings and theological insights offered by Jewish sages. Such passages range from short statements and thoughts that give practical application for specific situations to deep insights and meditative reflections for difficult questions.

Much of the wisdom literature offers practical advice for holy living, not necessarily righteousness, but living in terms of common sense for a lifestyle that pleases God. When reading wisdom literature, one must maintain situational awareness. The content of wisdom literature should generally not be considered as promises but as principles by which one should live. In other words, there is no guarantee that the offered insights will be true in every situation. Instead, one must take the principles contained in the wisdom literature and seek to apply them to their current situation.

Key Concepts

  • Wisdom literature is Scripture that reveals collected wisdom or insights for godly living.
  • It gives us general rules for life.
  • Wisdom should be considered as principles, not promises, as they are usually true but not universally true. The principle should be considered in each unique situation.


Wisdom Literature
  • Proverbs
  • Job
  • Ecclesiastes
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