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Historical Narrative

Historical narratives describe past events captured by first-person accounts or by someone who has completed extensive research on the subject. In an Old Testament biblical context, historical narratives refer to the story of Israel. They inform the reader about Israel's formation, their exit from Egyptian captivity, their struggles through the wilderness, and their conquering of the Promise Land. In the New Testament, historical narratives communicate the formation of the early Church, from the calling of the first disciples and Jesus' miracles to its explosion at Pentecost and the Church's missionary work.

Key Concepts

  • A historical narrative is written as a story and is Scripture that gives factual retellings of real events.
  • These passages are not based on myth but on actual events that happened at some point in history.
  • They should be interpreted literally and not figuratively, and they involve real people, places, and things.


Old Testament Narrative
  • Genesis
  • Exodus
  • Numbers
  • Deuteronomy
  • Joshua
  • Judges
  • Ruth
  • 1-2 Samuel
  • 1-2 Kings
  • 1-2 Chronicles
  • Ezra
  • Nehemiah
  • Ester
New Testament Narrative
  • Matthew
  • Mark
  • Luke
  • John
  • Acts
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