Responding Faithfully

This is the last step of the POUR method. Rightly studying God's Word always solicits some type of response. We do not study God's Word simply to gain knowledge or capture quick anecdotes for good living. Studying the Bible demands a response that moves us closer to the heart of God and conforms us to the likeness of Jesus.

Determine the Response

A biblically faithful response can come in many forms. Maybe God is asking you to do something specific, or maybe he's asking you not to do something. Perhaps you need to share a message with a friend or loved one. Could it be that you need to apologize for something you've done? God could also be requiring you to be still and reflect, seeking a change of heart or attitude. What is it that he's trying to teach you? Whatever it is, come expecting, and leave changed. Studying God's Word has little value if it's merely for knowledge's sake. Instead, we must seek to understand so that we continue being conformed to the image of Christ.

Put It In Motion

Once you understand how to respond, write it down or tell a friend. If you are in a small group, message them and share what you've learned or how you've been challenged. Transferring it from your mind or heart to something tangible (written in your journal or shared with someone) increases the likelihood of you turning your response into action. Additionally, accountability has a tremendous benefit, regardless of whether it is self-accountability or that which comes from a friend or family member. Whatever the response, do it and find accountability as you pursue Jesus.

POUR Method
The POUR Method is a hermeneutical approach to studying the Bible.
It develops a healthy discipline of examining Scripture through its proper contexts.
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